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Georgios Theodoridis was born in Böblingen, Germany. After completing his primary and early secondary school education there, he moved to Greece where he graduated from the Ecclesiastical High School of Tinos, and where for the very first time he was exposed to Byzantine music. 


In the year 2000, Georgios entered the German Language and Literature Department of the University of Athens. During his early university years, in addition to his linguistic studies, he studied Byzantine Music theory and practical chanting under the tutelage of some of Greece’s most renowned teachers and Chanters.  His involvement in multiple byzantine choirs afforded him the opportunity to participate in innumerable musical concerts and productions all over Greece. He holds an honors degree in Byzantine Music, as well as the Music Teacher Diploma, from the Conservatory of Egaleo in Athens, Greece. 


Between the years 2003-2006, Georgios serving as Master Chanter (Protopsaltis) and Choir Master of the Holy Shrine of Saint Barbara, the most multitudinous shrine of the capital of Greece, also instructed and conducted the Students Byzantine Choir of the Theological College of Apostoliki Diakonia, the official publishing agency of the Church of Greece.


As Choir Master, Georgios conducted, besides his own Choral Ensemble Canon, the Students Byzantine Choir of the Theological College of Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece. This included a multitude of events and holy services, both in Athens and throughout Greece, and even abroad in cities such as: Venice (San Marco), Rome (Parrocchia della Trasfigurazione), the Vatican (San Paolo, San Pietro) and others.


In 2006, Georgios conducted Canon in collaboration with the Students Byzantine Choir, performing before Pope Benedict XVI in the Hall of the Throne of the Vatican Palace, earning congratulatory comments by those present, the foreign press and the Pontifex himself. He was invited back to perform live on the official broadcasting service of the Vatican, Radio Vaticana.


Georgios presently serves Saint Sophia Cathedral, Washington, DC, as Master Chanter (Protopsaltis), Choir Master & Director of the Office of Music Arts.

He has been invited to share his expertise on Byzantine Music, either as a guest speaker or guest performer, at several universities and other locations that include: Holy Cross Hellenic College Greek Orthodox School of Theology, MA, the Catholic University of America, D.C., the American University D.C., Georgetown University D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, NY.

On June 26, 2021, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America elevated Georgios Theodoridis, to the rank of Archon Mousikodidaskalos (Music Instructor) of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in recognition of his efforts and contributions toward the teaching and promotion of Byzantine Music over the past decade. Together with this special honor, His Eminence appointed Archon Georgios Theodoridis as the new Director of the Archdiocesan School of Byzantine Music, which he previously served in the capacity of music instructor.

Georgios is fluent in Greek, German and English.


He proudly holds the rank of Lieutenant in the Greek Army.

popey 2.jpg

Georgios with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in 2006

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